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Soyer family, October 2015.

Derin Can Soyer
2016 Optimist Rankings: 111th/233
2016 Optimist End of Season, Rutlands, 93rd/181 (Main Fleet)
2016 Optimist Late Summer, Hayling Island, 92nd/167 (Main Fleet)
2016 Optimist UK Nationals, Largs, 80th/124 (Main Fleet Junior)
2016 Optimist Inlands Championship, Grafham, 2nd/32 (Transition Fleet)
2015 Optimist UK End of Season Championship, Weymouth, 3rd/36 (Regatta Fleet)
2015 Optimist UK Nationals, Pwllheli, 3rd/54 (Regatta Fleet)
2015 Optimist Midlands Championship, Hollowell, 1st/17 (Regatta Fleet)

Orkun Soyer
2013 RS200 UK Nationals, 48th/96 (with I. Inan)
2013 RS200 UK Inland Champs, 28th/65 (with I. Inan)
2009 SB3 Italian Nationals, 3/(?) (with C. Ferro and M. Borri)
2001 Laser Std. US Nationals, 10/(?)
2000 Laser Radial Worlds, 12/142
1999 Laser Radial Worlds, 8/166
1998 Laser Radial Worlds, 8/240
1998 Laser Std. Europeans, 56/107
1994 Laser Std. Turkish Nationals, 1/18

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